Southern Campaign Services offers a one-stop source for political campaign consulting, media campaigns, photography, video, advanced website design, and social network management. As a Campaign Manager or Treasurer you can turn to us and our affiliates to consolidate many of the vendor requirements for your campaign. We can help you develop the plan and milestones for your campagin, organize your effort, and develop a rolling budget to help achieve your goals. We have a customized system which captures and records your contributions and purchases electronically that simplifies campaign reporting and allows easy research of these items.

Located with us in Coral Gables Florida (in the greater Miami area), our sister group New Media FX provides photography, video, advanced website development and social network management for political campaigns. Dedicated server applications capture contribution information and provides it directly to our management and reporting system. Specialized campaign website components plug into any design to provide blogs, photo albums, volunteer management, and contact management that interface with our campaign system.

Take a look at some of the things we can do for your campaign!

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